mercredi 10 décembre 2014

Vertelsels Uit Mayab, illustrated by Mrs Ivanovsky ! :)

Hi Everybody !                                                                 
I'm So sorry for my absence, it was a difficult year for me. 
I had a lot of health troubles and a lot of work but i'm back with a new look for MVA's site and i have hundreds of books to show you !!!! READY ?

Well, it was probably illustrated in the 40's by Mrs Ivanovsky.
I have a lot of Ivanovsky's book now but i'm still impressed by her talent...
I really like this color range it makes it very "graphic".
As she was very prolific, i'm not sure a lifetime will be enough to find all her books !!! :)
In any case, i'm very happy to come back & share books with you & i hope you'll enjoy it as much as me ! :)

mardi 24 juin 2014

Jean de la lune, illustrated by Elisabeth Ivanovsky in 1944/1945.

Hi !
So many times without post a book...
I had big troubles with my right arm, the good one of course, and it was quite difficult to take photos !
I feel a little bit better so i'm gonna post a lot of new books very soon !!! :)
Here is a new little book illustrated by Elisabeth Ivanovsky, one of my favourite illustrator, ( i think i say everytime about all the illustrators on the blog that they are my favourite ) !
I'm trying to collect all those little books but they are hard to find and a bit expansive.

Because we ask, here's a little history... :)

This collection, ( Pomme d'Api), features 24 little books. All of them were illustrated by Elisabeth Ivanovsky and i think there were all written by René Meurant, her husband.
There were published by the "Petites Editions Des Artistes" in Brussels between 1942 and 1945.

Enjoy ! :)

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